Improvements in QIR6 of OrCAD and Allegro 17.2

Like every quarter, Cadence is expanding its PCB products in the current QIR6 (Quarterly Incremental Release) with numerous new features (from Hotfix 17.2.038 on). In OrCAD Capture, the Symbol Editor has been completely redesigned, a new Footprint Viewer has been implemented and the linking of PSpice models have been enhanced. In PCB Editor, the 3D environment, the DFM checks and the Place Replicate function have been improved. All customers with a current maintenance agreement can download the update for free.

OrCAD / Allegro 17.2 QIR6

Full documentation is available in the Download of this update.

The new features are:

New Symbol Editor in OrCAD Capture 

With QIR6, the Symbol Editor has been completely redesigned. In the new user interface, all properties can be accessed and changed in a single integrated window.

17.2 QIR6 Symbol Editor

The new Symbol Editor simplifies the creation and editing of symbols. Numerous improvements have been introduced:

  • Multiple undo and redo of actions
  • Moving objects with the arrow keys
  • Shortcut keys for all placing the graphical objects
  • Efficient and accurate selection of overlapped objects
  • Better visibility of anchor points
  • Introduction of drawing assist
  • Display of Normal and Convert view in a tabbed format
  • Ability to add more sections after part creation
  • Easy access to the sections of a part


Other news in OrCAD Capture are:

  • Simplified Interface for Associating a PSpice Model
  • Launching Footprint Viewer from Capture


3D Canvas

With the QIR6 update, the 3D environment is meanwhile available as a standard feature.

3D Canvas in OrCAD and Allegro

The appearance of the printed circuit board in 3D, the ability to bend rigid flex PCBs as well as collision and pitch markings in 3D, have been complemented by the shadow effect and the automatic centering feature.


Productivity Enhancements

Several helpful features enhance productivity:

  • QuickPlace by Schematic Layout
  • Place Replicate Enhancements
  • Via Array Update
  • Route Clearance View
  • Enhancements in Copy and Paste Commands
  • Via Structure Update
  • Basic PDF Export
  • Show Measure Update
  • Mechanical Hole Checking
  • Zones with Placed Symbols



Further improvements in the OrCAD / Allegro PCB Editor

  • Enhancements to Sigrity Technology Driven High-Speed Signal Analysis and Checking 
  • Allegro ECAD-MCAD Library Creator – S004 Release 
  • STEP Model Enhancements for 3D 
  • Dynamic Shape Quality and Performance Initiative  
  • Return Path DRC Enhancements
  • Productivity Enhancements 
  • Allegro PCB Symphony Team Design Option 
  • Productivity Toolbox Update 
  • RF PCB Enhancements


Full documentation is available in the Download of this update.

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