Why Move Up to OrCAD/Allegro 17.2-2016? Tabbed Routing...

The Next Generation High Speed Routing Solution (Reason 7 of 10)

Improve Route Channel Utilization with Tabbed Routing

Tabbed routing is a new method in which trapezoidal shapes called tabs are added to parallel traces to control impedance in the pin field/breakout regions, and reduce crosstalk in open field regions. It is a breakthrough routing strategy that allows for longer trace lengths and more compressed routing.

Unfortunately, this new routing technology increases layout complexity and managing these tabs later in the design process can be a nightmare.

PCB layout designers rejoice! We have heard your woes and pleas for help.

Aside from providing the means to generate the trapezoidal tabs, we have covered the entire tab "life cycle" with several unique features. 


Generate Tabs

First stop is tab creation. Select mode, enter tab size/pitch values under parameters, and select parallel cline segments to generate tabs. You can also load your saved parameters to quickly generate tabs on different areas and/or interfaces.



Analyze Tabs

Perhaps the special feature we are most excited about is the capability to Analyze Tabs. It provides an integrated and more efficient way for users to validate tab count matching and pitch. Create custom rules for pass/fail criteria and cross probe violations in canvas for fast fixing. Generate custom tab count and pitch reports to suit various data needs.


Manipulate Tabs

We offer several unique features to help handle these tabs easily. Tab in the wrong location? Easy fix with Move Tab which provides ability to move a tab along segment while maintaining centerline connectivity. It also provides dynamic DRC feedback so you can easily resolve those spacing violations. Need to quickly remove some or all of the tabs? Our Delete Tab provides a fast and easy way to delete tabs by clines, cline segments, or tab instance.

Our interactive etch editing features are also now tab aware – so tabs are intelligently copied or removed along with the segments. Tabs are no longer left floating in the design when you delete or slide segments. And it is now easier than ever to copy routes with tabs and replicate to other byte groups - copy multiple clines/segments with tabs and snap to pads or cline segments.


You won’t find a more comprehensive tool for the job.   What are you waiting for?


High Speed Routing Demo Reel



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