Videos zur thermischen Simulation mit 6SigmaET

Thermische Simulationen geben Ingenieuren während der Design-Phase eine visuelle Darstellung der Temperatur und des Luftstroms im Inneren eines Geräts. Diese Erkenntnisse ermöglichen, zu einem frühen Zeitpunkt bessere technische Entscheidungen zu treffen. Ebenso wird dadurch ermöglicht, das Kühlsystem so zu gestalten, dass es schon beim ersten Mal funktioniert. Die so optimierte Konstruktion reduziert den Energieverbrauch, das Gewicht und die Kosten. Die preisgekrönte Produktpalette 6SigmaET wird durch diverse neue Videos vorgestellt.

Introducing 6SigmaET

What is ET, what makes it an award-winning thermal simulation software, and how could it benefit you?



A huge amount of data is often required to create an accurate thermal simulation. 6SigmaET makes it easy to transfer information from other design tools used in the engineering design process



Unlike in other tools, objects in 6SigmaET are not dumb solids that you have to spend a long time configuring. Instead, they are intelligent parts that make model creation simple. 6SigmaET has a wide range of modelling objects that are intelligent enough to know what they are and how to behave. This means you spend less time figuring out how to model your equipment and more time actually creating the best designs



Are you unhappy about spending lots of time creating the correct grid? Do you get frustrated when a modelling error causes your solve to fail? Are you bored with having to create another PowerPoint presentation of your results? 6SigmaET has automated grid generation, sophisticated error checking, and automated report generation to make your work easier!



The 6SigmaET solver has been designed from the start to be powerful enough to solve detailed thermal models that contain highly-complex geometry. This means that we can capture all the detail required to get accurate results. It also saves time because less time is required to simplify the mechanical CAD.


6SigmaET Demo

Demonstration of how to build, simulate and analyse an electronics device using 6SigmaET

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