FlowCAD offers different types of events for information. In webinars you will see live at your desk a lecture and can ask questions via the telephone. Seminars are lectures on specific topics that are mostly explained by PowerPoint. In workshops you can make hands-on experience and play through certain learning content. The classic Training the use of the software will happen in small classes and we will also hand you out a training manual.

MATLAB EXPO 2017 Deutschland

FlowCAD Event Language: In English Costs: 0 EUR     Registration
Location: INFINITY Hotel & Conference Resort Munich
From: Dienstag, 27. Juni 8:30
To: Dienstag, 27. Juni 18:15

Mit insgesamt 12 Sessions in 4 parallelen Tracks bietet die MATLAB EXPO sowohl für Einsteiger als auch erfahrene Anwender für jeden Industrie- und Anwendungsbereich genau die richtigen Vorträge.
Die Konferenz ist kostenlos, eine Registrierung ist jedoch erforderlich.
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WEBINAR for BQR's fiXtress

FlowCAD Event Language: In English Costs: 0 CHF     Registration
Location: online
From: Dienstag, 27. Juni 10:30
To: Dienstag, 27. Juni 11:30

The ultimate innovative Design for Reliability toolset, addressing MTBF, Stress Derating Analysis and Schematic Review, for developing more robust products.

BQR fiXtress add-on for OrCAD allows electronic engineers to design reliable and robust PCBs, shortening time-to-market, improving the design process and reducing field failures. fiXtress performs Automated Schematic Review, Stress Derating and MTBF/Reliability analysis, supporting back annotations of the results to the schematic view.  


  • Why the best & the cheapest way to clear up design errors is to detect them during the schematic design?
  • How fiXtress will find designer’s errors and guide you to fix them
  • How to use the Automatic Schematic Review (ASR) for single and multi - board design
  • Board MTBF Prediction
  • Stress Derating Analysis
  • Precise & Rapid Electrical Stress Analysis
  • ASR Chip Interconnection Verification- Auto-Spotter for Electronic Design Errors
  • ROI (Return On Investment) of fiXtress is 1:1000.

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The Next Generation High Speed Routing Solution... More...
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